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School Trips

Since the very beginning our founders, Robin and Kathie McIntosh, have always believed that the future of our wildlife belongs in the hands of our younger generation. This sentiment continues to this day. Bally Vaughan is passionate and fully committed in our efforts to educate and inspire young children about conservation, responsibility and compassion for their wild heritage and their future.

We consider it an honour to be able to play a part in conservation for our future generation.

To this end we offer a variety of excursions and adventures ranging from school days out to four and five day Conservation and Skills Programs. These can be tailored to your needs and adapted to include specific topics and themes

One of our major objectives is to impart a love and appreciation for creation in children and young adults, to whom we will one day pass on the conservation baton. To this end Mwanga Lodge offers a variety of excursions and adventures ranging from Schools Day Outings to four or five day Conservation and Survival Skills programs. These can be adapted to include specific topics or themes.

We firmly believe the future of wildlife conservation lies in the hands of today’s¬†children – therefore, they need to see and experience wildlife and nature at every possible level.